333 West State Rd, Island lake, IL 60042

Weekly Schedule

Book an appointment here, contact us with any questions or feel free to drop in and join us!

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Fitness with Kevin: 7am, 5pm, 6pm

A full body conditioning class focusing on building lean muscle and endurance. As a certified corrective exercise specialist, Kevin focuses on the areas needed for good posture and works on reversing any muscle imbalances that are restricting movement or causing any joint pain.

This class is for all levels of fitness and will be the right amount of challenging for anyone. Classes may be held outside, weather permitting. 

All classes are 1 hour long, and $10 each or $100 a month for Monday, Wednesday and Friday Classes. 



Morning fitness with Julie: 8am

Yoga with Julie: 9:15am


For personal training, contact Julie at 630-777-9715 or email Jchurchie28@gmail.com.

Yoga Pop ups

Hatha Yoga with Stephanie: Stephanie’s pop up classes will be posted on our Facebook Page.

Bring your mind and body into a state of peaceful balance with our Hatha Yoga class. Stephanie focuses on moving your body slowly and deliberately into different poses that challenge your strength and flexibility, while also focusing on relaxation and mindfulness. 

Yoga blankets are available if you do not have your own.  



Reiki with Jen

Our lives are filled with so many stresses, illness, and lack of time for selfcare. In less than an hour Jen can help you feel relaxed in a way you may not have experienced before. When your body relaxes it can focus your energy on healing. 

Jen is available evenings and weekends for in person or remote sessions. Call 847-521-9881 or email  Jen@RealAssistance.org to schedule a session.